Projects Coming Full Circle: Clean Up

Good morning folks! The Clean Up: Each new plank measured roughly 4 3/4" wide by 27" long. The thickness didn't take shape until I went to the planer. Before that though , I took my scrub plane to each board; starting with going diagonal with the grain at 45 degrees. By going diagonal with the … Continue reading Projects Coming Full Circle: Clean Up


Projects Coming Full Circle: Wood

Good morning folks! The Wood: As stated above, I wanted to use unique wood with some character that could be highlighted in the piece. My dad brought a ton on chestnut, red oak, and poplar which he harvested from old Kentucky tobacco barns. You can still smell the tobacco when planing the wood. There is … Continue reading Projects Coming Full Circle: Wood


Good morning folks! A phrase that gets passed around the woodworking world, and I'm sure more maker communities, is "paralysis by analysis." If you have ever searched for a tutorial, recipe, or general instructions then you have seen the wave of various websites filled with differing views. Let's do a quick test; search "how to … Continue reading Inspiration

Television Console

Good morning folks! If you have children in your family whether your own or closely related, then you probably understand the mountain of little toys, changing materials, books, crayons... the list goes on. Our living room situation was no different; once we couldn't get to our couch without stepping in 3 Duplo blocks, 2 cars, … Continue reading Television Console