Acoustic Amplifier Part 1 Milling

Good morning folks!

While in the Shop, I have two choices for musical entertainment: When using power tools I have ear protection which muffles the sound of the tool and also connects to my phone so I can listen to podcasts or music, when working with hand tools I will just listen to the phone’s speaker but can hardly hear it when sawing or hand planing. Now that I have been focusing on hand tool use I decided that the phone speaker wasn’t going to be enough.

There are several different options available on Amazon if you are looking for an electronic solution. In fact I own a JBL speaker designed for the shower that I have used in the Shop for some time but it always seems to die quickly and the sound quality leave more to be desired. Searching for another solution I scoured the internet and found some acoustic amplifiers made from wood and require no electricity. The concept revolves around concentrating the sound then sending it out from one or two directed horns.

The first installment I go through milling the front and back faces from a piece of red oak. I take a 13″ long piece from a larger plank, split it in half, skip plane, smooth plane, joint, parallel rip, and parallel the faces. Please enjoy!

Thank you following along with the build. Stay tuned for more projects from the PlaneOleWoodShop. If you have any questions or advice for myself or other viewers please feel free to leave a comment below.


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