Good morning folks!

The Wood:
As stated above, I wanted to use unique wood with some character that could be highlighted in the piece. My dad brought a ton on chestnut, red oak, and poplar which he harvested from old Kentucky tobacco barns. You can still smell the tobacco when planing the wood. There is the occasional nail hole, warm hole, and even mud in one of the unfilled knots still left over.

When I first began to find each piece that I needed, the board on the right was so dirty and rough that I just assumed that it was also chestnut. Then of course after the first three or four swipes with the scrub plane it became obvious that the two boards were different species of wood. I was worried thinking that the Lazy Susan should be built from the same wood for the entire plank; I kept working mostly because I had already begun cleaning and dimensioning each board.

These boards have had probably at least 50-60 years to settle into their moisture content, warping, twisting and cupping as much as they want. Both boards had a pretty major cup in the middle but luckily very little twist. To ensure I could use as much of the material as possible, I ripped the boards down the middle creating two boards with half the amount of cup. I put the board in the vise, half in the vise and half out. My Husky hand saw is not the best option for ripping without tear out but my rip saws are still in need of some serious restoration. This was the first time I had ripped any board by hand. The length was only 27″ and at least the chestnut was fairly soft, can’t say the same for the oak. Even though my cuts were fairly straight I knew I would need to edge joint both sides.

Thank you following along with the build. Stay tuned for more projects from the PlaneOleWoodShop. If you have any questions or advice for myself or other viewers please feel free to leave a comment below.


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