Good morning folks!

For those following the woodworking world are aware of Marc Spagnuolo and his website The Wood Whisperer. Marc also has a sister business called Wood Workers Fighting Cancer which every year puts together a project for the community to build. For every piece built and documented WWFC along with several prominent woodworking companies donate a certain amount of money towards a cancer foundation. Their contribution has reached as high as $15k per year.

Our oldest daughter Penelope showed a love for coloring and drawing at a young age. The issue came when we would try to find a place for her to do her work. The table was a stable enough surface but she was too tall and she wasn’t sitting well on chairs long enough to keep her attention. As I was working my way through  Marc’s podcasts I stumbled upon a WWDC project from a few years back: Art Easel. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as deep into woodworking when the art easle project was put forth for donations so if I were to build it my submission wouldn’t count towards the charity donation. But I wanted to build it for my daughter either way.

The easel was built over a weekend and I forgot to document most of the work. I thought best to just out up the final product especially since Marc has a tutorial video.

Thank you following along with the build. Stay tuned for more projects from the PlaneOleWoodShop. If you have any questions or advice for myself or other viewers please feel free to leave a comment below.


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